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Lifeguard   Wisconsin, Dells

What You'll Do

Lifeguards ensure the safety of guests indulging in recreational activities in the pools or water-park areas. 

  • Responsibilities listed may not apply to all locations 

  • Maintain continuous surveillance of guests indulging in recreational activities in the pools and water-park areas. 

  • Call out warnings to people who may have ventured too far or are in imminent danger 

  • Supervise swimmers to ensure that they are swimming within the safety protocols 

  • Spot hazards or potential hazards and take measures to prevent accidents 

  • Control and report unruly behavior and evict individuals not adhering to behavior protocols 

  • Ensure that water sports such as water volleyball is within the parameters of set rules and regulation 

  • Perform rescues in the event of drowning or swimming accidents 

  • Perform first aid and CPR according to the demands of adverse situations 

  • Check the safety of rescue tubes and buoys and perform needed maintenance 

  • Ensure that all pool equipment is stored safely and that any lost items are in a safe place 

  • Perform all other duties as assigned 

Benefits, Compensation, Training
  • CPR Certified 

  • Prior Lifeguard experience preferred