Quality Assurance Lead

Hollywood, FL, US

Hollywood Beach Sales Center

Quality Assurance

Job Description - Exempt


Position Title: Quality Assurance Lead

Reports To: Vice President of Sales Operations

FLSA Status: Exempt



The Quality Assurance Lead oversees the Verification Loan Department and continues the sales process. This role trains, encourages, motivates, and monitors the Quality Assurance staff, verifies the accuracy of Owner and purchase information with the Owner while explaining the contract paperwork and ensuring that the new Owner leaves with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence in the purchase. The Quality Assurance Lead maintains proper sales procedures while decreasing the rescission rate of the resort.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts monthly training sessions with the Quality Assurance team while addressing any areas of concern or policy changes.
  • Is aware of any problems, patterns, high cancellation rates or complaints regarding the Quality Assurance department.
  • Prepares and maintains monthly Quality Assurance log and submits the log in a timely manner to proper directors.
  • Assists in measuring the Sales team’s performance and adherence to regulation and company policies concerning the Timeshare closing process.
  • Identifies and reports logs of compliance and non-compliance from closing recordings.
  • Escalates items to Upper Management as appropriate.
  • Verifies all documents for accuracy, checks contracts for errors and omissions.
  • Ensures that our newest Owner leaves with confidence in the purchase.
  • Maintains proper sales procedures.
  • Handles misrepresentation concerns and client disputes, reporting as necessary.
  • Makes recommendations and assists the Director of Sales regarding corrective counseling, training, up to termination for misrepresentations.
  • Protects the company from misrepresentations including adjusting contracts to remain in compliance with laws and company policies.
  • Must close a “Reasonable Percentage” (within 10% of the average number of closings of other QA’s at the same site/department) of closings occurring each month.
  • Downloads Quality Assurance recordings, labeling and filing appropriately within 24 hours of closing.
  • Maintains Performance Standards and low net cancellation rate while maintaining the integrity of Capital Vacations ownership.
  • Performs follow-up contact with owners within three days of the purchase
  • Handles cancellations by phone or walk-in; works to retain cancellations as owners and, if unsuccessful, completes necessary documents per cancellation procedures
  • Completes administrative assignments in an orderly and timely fashion
  • Maintains a productive working environment
  • Assists with Contracts, processes, and other functions in the office as needed or requested
  • Must be able to travel and attend roadshows
  • All other duties as requested

General Statement - Performs the job assigned, complying with Company policies and procedures, business code of ethics, FLSA regulations, and all applicable laws, as well as ensuring confidentiality, reliability, quality, and productivity.


Job Requirements

Education, Essential Training / Certifications, and Experience:

  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Timeshare sales experience
  • Two years of Verification Loan Officer experience
  • Notary Public credentials

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

  • Ability to maintain Reasonable Percentage of closings (within 10% of the average number of closing per QA at same site/department)
  • Ability to maintain low Net Cancellation rate (14% and below)
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Typing and basic computer skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Capable of working independently
  • Well-organized with excellent time management skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • High degree of integrity and moral values
  • Able to maintain an excellent rapport with owners and all other department personnel
  • Ability to travel

Shift: 40-hour shift, additional shifts will be required to meet deadlines and cover tour flow

  • Regular Hours, On-Call, and Weekend

Travel: Participation in Road Shows is required

  • Over 50%


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