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At Capital Vacations, we understand the intricacies associated with timeshare resorts, from the detailed and unique financial management and rental requirements, we have proven processes to lead resorts to successful futures.

As a resort management and sales company, we pride ourselves on offering the resources and benefits of a large company partnered with the commitment and personalized service of a small company.

Quality Management Services Since 1979

Large company resources, small company committment

Capital Vacations has been an industry leader in resort management since 1979. We specialize in providing timeshare resorts with professional and personalized management services.

We know that no two timeshare properties are the same. From varying types of ownership, collection rates, details of governing documents and more there is no such thing as cookie cutter resort management. That’s why we customize our services for each resort after looking at every single aspect of the resort and gaining a thorough understanding with the board of directors about their exact goals and vision for the resort.

At the heart of our management services is an acknowledgement that we work for the resorts to make them healthy, both physically and financially, while maintaining their unique characteristic and identity.

Financial Management Proper financial management is key to the long-term success of a resort. We have a skilled team to help secure yours.

Flexible Club Sales Programs Our high-volume sales options move inventory and increase your resort’s ownership and income.

Owner Services A dedicated owner services department helps owners manage their ownership with ease.

Renovations & Refurbishment Let us lend a hand with our experience and group pricing to help with improvements.

Information Technology We provide IT support and operating systems so your resort remains above industry standards.

Board & Owner Communications It’s your resort and we manage it based on your vision and goals. We provide continuous, transparent owner and board communications.

Operations & Human Resources We handle the long-term and short-term operations from staff, training, payroll and more to help your resort run smoothly.

Rental Programs & Marketing Our proven rental marketing programs and strategies turn your unused inventory into owner and association revenue.

Management Solutions For Your Resort