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The Top 5 Travel Trends in 2021

The Top 5 Travel Trends in 2021

Many things have changed over the past year, and travel trends are no exception. Multi-family vacations have been traded for quiet, single family getaways, more families are choosing road trips over air travel, and remote work means the office can be a beachfront condo! Lets take a look at the top five travel trends of 2021.

A New Standard of Clean

The number one travel trend is no surprise and thats a new standard of cleanliness at hotels and resorts. With the ongoing COVID-19 virus at loom, the hospitality industry is fighting back by stepping up their cleaning and safety procedures to keep their guests safe. Capital Vacations is no different - we've instituted new cleaning protocols at all of our resorts to make sure our owners and guests are comfortable and safe.

Space - And Lots of It!

In addition to cleanliness, travelers are looking for accommodations with more space, specifically space to cook. Eating in has become a regular routine for many during the pandemic, and travelers are looking for hotel and resort accommodations that offer kitchens so they can continue this routine while on vacation. Thankfully, timeshare resorts have always provided this luxury - kitchens complete with full-sized appliances, cookware and plenty of room for the family chef to make their favorite meals.

Hitting the Road

With many travelers avoiding highly-packed areas like airports, the family road trip has made a comeback. Many families are looking for vacation locations that are closer to home. For those in the Midwest, spots like Branson, MO and the Wisconsin Dell are popular. Northerners are choosing to take a short drive south to locations like Ocean City, MD or Myrtle Beach, SC. Down South, theyre driving the opposite way and heading toward North Carolina to cool off or enjoy a change in seasons. With 68 destinations to choose from, Capital Vacations has plenty of options no matter where you live so you can pack your bags and hit the road!

Outside Excursions

Exploring nature is also widely popular again after being cooped inside for most of 2020. Vacationers have a new appreciation for the great outdoors and are looking for fun places to explore during their trip. Whether its trail hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains, enjoying the beautiful beaches in Florida, or visiting historical monuments in Washington, D.C., families are spending more time outside.

Change of Scenery

Remote working has become the norm for many during the pandemic and with a laptop on hand, an office can easily be set up anywhere. Many students are also taking their classes virtually, so its a great opportunity to travel while staying connected. Families looking for a change in scenery are turning to timeshare resorts because of their space and home-like accommodations. With the pool just steps away, or a view of the ocean from your family room, youll be reminded that working remotely has its upside!