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Resort Management

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

The leader in Independent Timeshare Resort Management serving over 200 resorts and nearly 400,000 members.

With more than 40 years of experience with independent vacation ownership resorts, we provide full-service management solutions, deliver hospitality excellence, and support Associations' long-term financial stability.

Large company resources, small company attention

As a resort management and sales company, we pride ourselves on offering the resources, benefits, and experience of a large company partnered with the commitment and personalized service of a small company. Our Senior Executives serve as a Trustee and members of the Board of Directors for the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and ARDA-ROC.

We know that no two timeshare properties are the same. From varying types of ownership, collection rates, details of governing documents, and more there is no such thing as cookie-cutter resort management. That's why we customize our services for each resort after looking at every single aspect of the resort and gaining a thorough understanding with the board of directors about their exact goals and vision for the resort.

At the heart of our management services is an acknowledgment that we work for the resorts to make them healthy, both physically and financially, while maintaining their unique characteristic and identity.

The Capital Advantage

We bring real solutions to the challenges faced by independent timeshare resorts. The Capital Advantage is an a-la-carte suite of tools proven to deliver both short and long-term financial health. With Guaranteed revenues, the Association can confidently operate the resort with predictable, stabilized revenue.

Resort Management Services

Capital Advantage

Elevate your resorts' ownership and income with access to Capital Advantage solutions like High-Volume Sales, Global Exchange, and Rental Guarantee

Financial Services

Proper financial management is key to the long-term success of any resort. We have a skilled, talented team to help secure your resort's future.

Owner Services

Utilize our professional, in-house owner services team to assist your owners with ease.

Reno & Refurb

Are you looking to update your resort? Leverage our expertise and save on renovations and refurbishments by utilizing our group pricing.

Information Technology

Are you looking to update your resort? Leverage our expertise and save on renovations and refurbishments by utilizing our group pricing.


We understand the importance of managing your vision and goals. As such, we provide ongoing, transparent communications to owners and board members.

Operations & Human Resources

Receive support for long and short-term operations from staffing, training, payroll, and more to ensure your resort performs smoothly.

Rental Administration

Turn your unused inventory into a revenue stream. Our proven rental marketing programs and strategies assist owners and the association.

Brand Management

Our team of experts specializing in a range of domains: copywriting, graphic design, user interface design, and web development can help your resort's brand thrive.

Association Governance

In-House Legal Team

Quality Assurance

Strategic Partnerships

Hospitality & Regional Oversight

Risk Management & Safety