5 Benefits of Vacation Ownership

5 Benefits of Vacation Ownership

If you're trying to decide between taking your vacation lifestyle to the next level with timeshare ownership or continuing to pay fluctuating, high costs for tiny hotel rooms, this article is for you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Whether you're considering vacation ownership for your family, or you're a seasoned vacation owner, you have probably heard or read horror stories from the timeshare world. Of course, no industry is perfect, and there's always room for growth, but at Capital Vacations, we strive to help you set aside your doubts and have an opportunity to vacation both at the timeless resorts you love, as well as around the world through the Capital Vacations Club. Read on as we put to rest some of the tired, negative timeshare myths that persist in the Internet age.

Myth #1: "My vacation will take place during the same week every year."

Though fixed-week intervals were popular in the past and remain the preferred choice for many timeshare owners, today's vacation ownership no longer requires you to vacation during the same week from year to year.

As a Capital Vacations Club member, you can choose when you want to vacation each year. Our points system allows you to use your allocation of points any time of the year, subject to availability, with peak season stays requiring more points than the off-season.

Myth #2: "My vacation will have to be at the same resort each year."

Though one of the traditional timeshare perks was that you got to vacation in your home-away-from-home at your family's favorite resort, this simply isn't true for all vacation ownership options today.

When you're a member of the Capital Vacations Club, you have access to dozens of Capital Vacations managed independent associations, as well as to thousands of destinations around the world through our exchange partners.

No longer are you tied into vacationing in the same spot every year. With Capital Vacations, you can experience something new and exciting every time you travel.

Myth #3: "Timeshare vacationing is outdated."

Though timeshare travel began in the 1970s, it's unfair to say that the entire industry is outdated just 50 years later.

Resorts undergo refurbishments and renovations to stay updated and fresh, and there's nothing outdated about having an annual plan to get away to a vacation spot with your family and friends. While some independent resorts maintain their nostalgic appeal, others are modern and include vastly more amenities than they did in years past.

Myth #4: "Vacation Ownership isn't for younger people."

Young adults love to travel, and while many believe that timeshare does not cater to them specifically, this is certainly false when you look at vacation ownership demographics. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), 39% of all timeshare owners are aged 25-44. Comparatively, only 16% of timeshare owners are over 64 years old. Vacation ownership can be beneficial for travelers of all ages!

Myth #5: "Timeshare is more expensive than staying in a hotel."

If you're interested in vacationing frequently with your family and friends, this myth could not be further from the truth. A top benefit of vacation ownership is that you don't have to deal with market fluctuations that accompany times of economic uncertainty.

Furthermore, most timeshare units are much larger than a standard hotel room and include in-unit amenities like full kitchens and plenty of on-site resort amenities to keep your group amused, both of which help you save money while feeling right at home throughout your vacation.

Own Your Vacation

We hope that debunking these five myths about timeshare travel makes you that much more excited to spend time exploring Capital Vacations' many beautiful Club destinations. Call one of our owner services specialists today to start planning your next vacation getaway!