Housekeeping Attendant

Henefer, UT, US

East Canyon Resort


Job Summary:

To ensure guest satisfaction and safety by providing efficient and courteous servicing of guest requests, maintaining Resort’s cleanliness standards of: general area buildings, condos, and housekeeping areas. Have efficient use of tools and supplies. The Resort prides itself in the level of personalized service we provide; staff is to maintain a high level of integrity and service to always attend to our guests’ needs in a professional manner.

Reports to / Supervision Received:

  1. Manager: Housekeeping Manager
  2. Direct Supervisor: Assistant General Manager
  3. Indirect Reporting Relationship: General Manager

Job Expectations:

1. Display a pleasant, professional, and guest oriented attitude at all times.

2. Understand the importance of guest communication and satisfaction.

3. Properly maintain equipment used and operate in a safe manner.

4. Understand the safe use of all cleaning supplies.

5. Comply with resort and department codes, policies, procedures, and regulations.

6. Consider and understand guests/guestrooms security, privacy & comforts.

7. Be willing to participate in team efforts and communicate with fellow employees.

8. Develops and maintains excellent inter-departmental communications concerning unit quality, including housekeeping and maintenance.

Essential Functions:

1. Clean all guestrooms in accordance with resort standards for cleanliness and efficiency.

2. Maintain work carts/stations as necessary to optimize appearance and efficiency.

3. Remove all used supplies and replace with new: linens, towels, necessary products, and supplies.

4. Laundry: strips laundry from units, sorts, cleans, folds, replenishes clean laundry to units.

5. Clean all areas of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and closets as set forth in housekeeping checklists.

6. Vacuum, mop, wash, trash disposal, dusting, polishing, and scrubbing as needed.

7. Clean common element areas as instructed (office, hallways, breakroom, bathhouses, general areas, etc.)

8. Ensure units are ready for guest arrivals.

9. Periodically preforms quality checks on units and common areas.

10. Deep cleans as instructed.

11. Assist with any special projects as assigned by Housekeeping Manager/Supervisor.

Skills Required:

  • Must have good oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multi-task

Physical Job Description

  • Job Title:

    Typical Working Conditions:
    (Describe environment including exposure to heat, cold, fumes, chemicals, allergens, mold, etc.)

    All weather conditions will be experienced. Environment may include exposure to fumes, chemicals, mold, and other possible allergens.

    Equipment Used:
    (List all manual and automated equipment used in the course of performing essential functions.)

    Vacuums, mops, cleaning chemicals, brooms/dustpans, carts, duster, washers, dryers.

    Essential Physical Tasks:
    (List all physical tasks encountered in performing essential functions.)

    Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, making beds, dusting, scrubbing, cleaning dishes/appliances/bathrooms/general areas, deep cleaning. Physically be able to walk/stand through an extensive facility. Physically be able to walk up and down stairs. The employee is on their feet most of the time. Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds.

    Vacation Resorts International reserves the right to modify and update this Position Description as needed.