PT Room Attendant-- Magic Tree

Kissimmee, FL, US

Magic Tree



1. Handling all laundry in an efficient manner (e.g., sorting, loading, folding).

2. Lifting and carrying bulk laundry.

3. Using laundry chemicals.

4. Complete inventory of all linens.

5. Operating all laundry machinery.

6. Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of laundry room and its environments

7. Assist in all energy conservation efforts.

8. Wear and/or utilize any and all safety equipment as directed by Management.

9. Cleaning any other areas determined necessary by management (e.g., assisting with general housekeeping duties).

10. Any other tasks as determined necessary by Management.


1. Ability to work with Resort Team Members. Have good communication skills.

2. Friendly and courteous personality.

3. Ability to work with direct supervision.

4. Capacity to work and learn established techniques.

5. Valid State issued driver's license.

6. Neat appearance