Housekeeping Manager

Henefer, UT, US

East Canyon Resort


Job Summary:
To oversee all the operations of the housekeeping department. To guarantee the delivery of excellent housekeeping services to all units, buildings, owners, guests, and fellow employees. To ensure that owners vacations are enjoyable, and problem free insofar as housekeeping duties are concerned. The Resort prides itself in the level of personalized service we provide. Therefore, we expect our Staff to maintain a high level of integrity and service and to always attend to our guests’ needs in a professional manner.

Reports to / Supervision Received:

1. Manager: General Manager
2. Direct Supervisor: Assistant Manager
3. Indirect Reporting Relationship: Director of Resorts

Job Expectations:

1. Abides by and enforces established policies and procedures, house and departmental rules, safety rules, grooming codes and security procedures and work instructions.
2. Exercises independent judgment in all areas of accountability in the interest of Management.
3. Recommend retention or termination of probationary employees.
4. Responsibly directs the daily work of all employees.
5. Handles Customer Service whenever necessary.

Essential Functions:

1.Provide excellence in unit housekeeping

  • Responsible for the condition of all unit interiors.
  • Complete inspections of all units cleaned.
  • Maintain records of units inspected and work orders generated.
  • Report all items requiring repair and/or replacement utilizing resort developed and approved work order forms.
  • Schedule, organize and manage a complete annual maintenance week.

2. Provide excellence in common area housekeeping.

3. Employee Supervision and Development

  • Hire, train and evaluate all housekeeping employees.
  • Require that employees are capable of completing jobs assigned in an excellent manner and remove any employee who is unable to do so.
  • Conduct routine staff meetings.
  • Scheduling of employees—maintain hours, limit overtime.
  • Establish efficient standard for hours required and number of employees assigned to clean units and common areas. Require employees to work within this standard.

4. Responsible for budget management and cost control

  • Maintain adequate inventory of all cleaning and guest supplies.
  • Maintain all necessary equipment in excellent condition, replace as needed.
  • Evaluate purchases and secure best price for best products.
  • Maintain record of all expenses—submit purchase requests in a timely manner and never be caught without proper supplies.
  • Control use of overtime, control wages within budgetary constraints.

5. Responsible for quality of linen and inventory levels

  • Ensure that an adequate quantity of linen is on hand at all times and are in high quality and in presentable condition, without blemish.
  • Inspect laundry process to ensure damaged or permanently soiled is never reused.
  • Maintain up-to-date inventory of all linens. Reorder, after manager approval, to maintain minimum par on-hand.
  • Report any unit furniture and laundry equipment maintenance problems that damage linens, and work with manager and maintenance team to replace immediately.

6. Responsible for developing and maintaining excellent inter-departmental communications concerning unit quality, including housekeeping and maintenance.

  • Develop, maintain, and constantly strive to improve the rapid reporting of all maintenance requests (work orders) to the maintenance department.
  • Follow-up on all maintenance work orders to ensure they are completed. Never allow guests to enter rooms with incomplete maintenance requests.
  • Develop and maintain reports from front desk concerning guests checking out and units ready for occupancy,
  • Keep RGM well informed of employee needs and participate in the hiring process.

7. Responsible for Total Resort Quality and owner/guest evaluation

  • Train all housekeeping employees that they are not only responsible for the excellent quality of the units, but they are also responsible for the excellent quality of all resort areas.
  • Responsible for all housekeeping staff to always greet and communicate well with guests with a smile and verbal acknowledgement.
  • Extensive program of inspections must be utilized to ensure customer satisfaction.

8. Responsible for the security and privacy of all unit occupants.

  • Must ensure that all unit occupants’ possessions are left undisturbed and are safe from theft.
  • Maintain record of which employee(s) enter units to perform labor at all times.
  • Train employees in proper procedures for entering units and for handling or working around guest belongings.
  • Must ensure all unit occupants are left undisturbed while in their units. Enter units for towels and trash during weekly process only with guest permission if in unit.
  • Require employees to report all suspicious behavior in and around units. Protect employees from accusations of wrongdoing.
  • Train all employees and require all employees to leave cleaned units in a safe and secure manner. All windows and doors must be locked so that they can’t be entered without a key.

9. Performs other duties as requested by RGM.

Knowledge, Skill, and Experience:

1. Minimum Education (or substitute experience) required:

  • High school diploma or equivalent

2. Minimum Experience required:

  • 5+ years in a related field with previous hotel experience preferred

3. Skills Required:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to multi-task